Seven games in 22 days! 😅

Today I’m writing from Asturias, my home in Northern Spain, where I have enjoyed a relaxing weekend with my friends and family. It’s always good to switch off for a few days, and being with my people is the best way to do it.

A winning streak… but our feet are on the ground

My third blog’s entry of the season… and the team’s third win. I hope to go on like this until May, only 35 games left…! :-/ The truth is, in a moment like this, you want the next game to start as soon as possible to keep your winning streak.

Hugs are back 😂

I’m back, we are back :-). After quite a few weeks since the last entry, it’s time for me to restart writing, to spend some time on Sunday nights in front of my computer to tell you how the week has been for me.

Europa League with a special dedication: Manchester

This is the last post of the season. I’m taking my holidays and I’m feeling satisfied, that’s the consequence of winning a trophy at the end of the season, especially in the Europa League, a competition that I really like.