We will soon be rewarded

Hi everyone,

I have the feeling that I’ve already written this entry before. Or, at least, a very similar one. That frustration after the final whistle is not new, unfortunately. Against Arsenal we played yet another game where I’ve felt that we did everything, or almost everything, to win and two points slipped away. The whole team did a great effort, we had chances, we were solid defensively to keep such a good team like Arsenal away from our box, we were one goal ahead in the 89th minute… and we got a draw. It could have been a great weekend and it leaves a bad taste, but we must be positive. The way we played, the motivation, ambition and competitiveness that we showed, or the team’s personality are enough reasons to believe that sooner or later we are going to get the reward that we deserved. Now we could talk about where we would be with 9 points instead of 3 after those consecutive draws at Old Trafford. However, I prefer to focus on the idea that we must keep the same level and the good results will come. Sometimes the scores are difficult to take, but this draw is not going to stop us in our goal, which is to keep improving. There are still many games to play.

This new week we have two more games at Old Trafford and we want to transmit again to our fans all those things I’m talking about… It’s really a privilege to play for a crowd with so much passion who supports the team no matter what, both at home and away. The first game of those two is against Feyenoord. It’s very important if we want to qualify for the next round of the Europa League. The second one is against West Ham, back in the Premier League.

Meanwhile in Spain, the biggest game this weekend was Atletico vs Real Madrid. That 0-3 was too big, but it’s true that Zidane’s team stepped onto the pitch with a well-defined game plan and they were able to translate that to the score thanks to Ronaldo’s inspiration. This derby was special because it’s going to be the last one at the Vicente Calderon (at least in La Liga), one of the greatest stadiums of Spanish football. I’ve had the chance to play there several times and I keep very special memories of the 2008 Cup final that we won with Valencia against Getafe. Also, it was the stadium where I scored my first official goal with Valencia. We’re going to miss watching games at such a historic venue…

Have a nice week. Hugs,

Juan Mata


PS: Lastly, I take the opportunity to recommend a new platform to all of you who like football: Footbie, where you can find and upload plenty of videos related to this sport that we love so much ;-). I hope you like it!

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