We will stand up, the road is long

I’ve been thinking a lot about saturday evening and what to tell you after such a disappointing week… I know that you don’t want to read this, that words are not enough right now. And I agree with you. For me, writing is complicated when all I really want now is to have another game to play as soon as possible. But everything passes and this bad streak will pass. When we were coming back from Bournemouth all I could think about was the frustration of the defeat, the disappointment of those who came with us, those who watched the game on TV, those who were with us in Germany… And the only thing to turn that anger into happiness is through good results, not words.

In these moments is when we have to stick together more than ever, I do believe it, because -luckily- football gives you another game every few days… We are aware that we have to get better and that’s why, despite feeling so bad after a painful defeat, we have to stand up and keep working to prepare the next game. With the right attitude and each of us giving the maximum we will get out of this situation. This is a long season and there’s still a long way to go. We will never give up, that’s for sure. December is a difficult month and it’s time to start winning again and get our confidence back.

I know that my words will not comfort you very much, but I must tell you that in these moments, the support you give even after such disappointments makes this club special. You make this club special.

Better days will come, I’m sure of that, and we will start Mondays in better spirits.

Thank you for always being there.


Juan Mata


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